The Greatest Story Ever Told, Your Own...

For Authenticity of the Two Year Rainbow, you can think to a significant event in your life and realize that it happened again two years later.

The Rainbow is the shape of history. As it appears, all of history corresponds. What appeared on one side of the rainbow happens on
another. The Rainbow is Nature's 'Blueprint' where action courses. If the propulsion or distibution of an achievement(rocket or car) is not ventilated or the achiever(s) are not contrast enough to that previous crews members, then it can cause harm to certain people in about two years.

For Example, while the person is "New" achieving something using non-gaseous propulsion and unventilated weight distribution,
then harm was avoided if they were a women, black, or something different than the then common personnel.
Shown above, when women achieved things after men, the effects were not severe at first, because men had did most of
the achieving, and doing so exhausted the duality of Nature(negative & positive, light & dark, man & woman).
Therefore, women brought levity and prosperity to possibly wave acts(people affected by unventilated acts after two years).

When new things are done, it must be done so with contrast and or ventilated temperaments for the ends of a rainbow infact land on air , hotair ballons uses air and car tires are ventlated. thats why they yeld positivity or nothing two years after first uses.
The rainbow appropriates gaseous propulsion and contrast disribution as prosperity.

That said, for the religous(Holy Bible readers), the bible verses have a rainbow formate and the begging explains some componets of the rainbow.

Of the first things said was 'man should not be alone'.

When the creature appeared reffering about the center of edan, Adam and Eve were not along each other and were achieving things in an exhausting manner.

The songs are relative to historical events in that area of the rainbow, either on one side or another, an

As things happen in wave form, they involve other historically similar events considered "interference".
Like the Keypad, the "2" and "5" are reflections of eachother that can connect. Therein, things in waveform
tend to involve any prior events of simularity. For instance, taking lands and battles. The British fought the french the
most with hundreds of attempts to rule them. And because of it the British are in debt to the French. By way of life physics,
when the Britsh took American land it was in partical form as "colonies" but when the land became "states" that was then
wave form and was intertwined with the debt from harassing the French. Therfore, the name of the first state was "Delaware".

The public debt most people are more familuar with is the unpaid labor of Africans Americans.
The first thing Europeans did was take lands such as Egypt, then commited the Atlantic Slave Trade.
The American slave trade and Opera music happend around 1600. Slavery being wave form to Europe became intertwined with
Opera music and to where the most popular songs where made either before or after African Americans made progressions
against slavery. And Like Opera music, the choir tends to quite when the singer performs. By which African Americans performed.

Light Is the Goal of The Planet, everything revolves around Light and has a reflective fashion.
On Earth, every act is a form of light, and it takes about two years to transition into wave form.

As the events appear two years later they are reflected in the clouds.
They reflect anything significant, new structures, events, movies and so on.

As Much as Stars and Planets Effect Eachother, They Effect Eachother.

North America: The Land of Mars, Occupied by Inhabitants of 'Redish' Pigmented Native Americans.

Mars's Core: South America.

Mars's Moons: Cuba and Purto Rico.

Mars's Goal: Greenland with more snow or clouds as in a Mars atmosphere), Mars's Atlas to Become an Earth.

Africa: Land of Earth, Center Continent, Where Man Began, Moves With The Planet(Stealthy).

Moon: Madagascar.

Middle East: Core Of Earth, Connected to Venus's Landmass While Simular to Venus.

Africa's Goal: Spain(Venus Characteristics), Connected to Europe it is Venus's Submerged Moon.

Europe and India: Land of Venus, City of Romance "Rome", Romance Guru or Doctor "India"(Same as Venus Greek Mythology).

Venus's Core: Middel East, Simular to Earth's While Connected to Earth's Landmass(Africa).

Venus's Goal: United Kingdom(Most Sailing Country as Mercury Orbits Most), and Sri Lanka(Produced Most Cinnamon as Venus, Now Most Black Tea as Mercury).

Asia: Land of Mercury, Densly Populated, Most Technologically Advanced, Global Producer of Commerce and Goods(Same as Mercury Greek Mythology).

Asia's Core: Philippines and Japan.

Asia's Goal: Taiwan(Sun Characteristics), Producer of Worlds' Advanced Micro Chips.

Australia: Land of the Sun, Largly Not Inhabitated, Mostly Desert Lands, Terrane of Light and Heat.

Australia's Core: Papua New Guinea and Tasmania.

Australia's Goal: Binary Solar System, New Zealand, an Underwater Continent to Become a Second Star.

Antartica: Halley's Comet.

A Much More Acurate Map