The keypad is the most Universaly known language on Planet and it also describes the Planet. The fog rises in the Mountain Cave and coats the walls producing 'Skyfish' a known animal yet unstudied. During an Eclipse the Skyfish leave the Cave and go to the Moon, the Moon then desinagrates into the atmosphere and cause leaves to change colors, rise and coat the the sky. Therein, the Planet will have started the Fifth Season and become a Star. In the 6th Season it will eject its orbit and place near the center of the Solar Sytem. The Solar Syetme will then be a Binary Solar System like over 60% of Solar Systems in the Galaxy.

The Moon Snows like Winter, the Leaves change color like Fall, Earth's rotation will slow making longer days like Summer and the Earth will eject from it's orbit, Spring. All as the 5th Season. Once it becomes a Star it will be in it's 6th Season. Blackholes and Dwarfs are the 7th Season.

Every opening facing left is an actual opening. Every opening facing right has closed openings.

The Tricosum is of the biggest event for a planet. And it coordinates nearly everything.

When events are coordinated by the Tricosum, they can refer to the digits or their phases.