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At the moment Ormuss is suppling P.L. in a cnts to help those in need.
You probably herd somthing outragous and its probably true.
With this ID you will be 'as long as no one is harmed or property damaged' immune to traffic tickets, and more.
Do you currently have traffic tickets, get them dissmised with the P.L.
This is no joke as these are legal documents recognized by all l infot.
Help Yourself and help those in need.

Join the now for your Chance to Win Before the Cntst ens.

Want a Scenario

Suppose your traveling in an automobile and there is no speed sign and you're asked by a public servant: did you know the speed limit.

It can be as easy as giving them your P.L. card and them giving it right back with no citation. It's That Simple!

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